Getting started with Digital Signage in your school

What do we mean by Digital Signage? Remember that TV screen hanging on the wall in reception the one that was turned off when you came in this morning? That’s a potential digital signage screen that could be showcasing the amazing work staff and students are making in the classrooms. 

To get it turned back on and working for everyone, just follow our simple steps…

  • Check its plugged in and working – you’ll need to find the remote or feel around the back of the screen to find some buttons. 
  • Once its on work out where to plug in a smart TV player. A great player is the Amazon Fire TV Stick which just needs a plug and a HDMI socket on the TV. 
  • Download the TrilbyTV Player app on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can do this from the Amazon store.
  • Open TrilbyTV Player and you’ll see a code on the screen – make a note.
  • On your iPad or computer go to and click I’ve got my Player.
  • Type in the Player code from the screen and a few essential details like your name and your school.
  • TrilbyTV will walk you through a simple set up process where you can add your school logo and a welcome message along with your school twitter feed. If you don’t use twitter, use @BBCNewsround
  • Your screen will start playing the tweets and title screen you just made
  • Tap + in the top right corner to start adding more content, slideshows and videos are a great way to showcase your current topic.

Remember you can login from any device and add content. You can get your colleagues to sign up and add content as well just give them your sign up code which is found in the bottom left icon System Dashboard.

You’ve now got 30 days to see how great it is to share and celebrate with TrilbyTV. We know you’ll love it and we’d really like to hear how you get on. Send us your feedback and a pic of the screen in action. 



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