The power of Student Voice

We are so lucky as a company to have some amazing customers who truly understand how powerful student voice can be and really make the most what our platform is designed to enable.

As a way to get students involved in the everyday life of the school, TrilbyTV can be used as a platform for positive expression and celebration. Images and video of everyone hard at work and enjoying learning say more than any written report and having a regular and easy way to keep everyone up-to-date is part of a healthy school life.

Our ‘power users’ at Layton Primary are a great example. Each week without fail, a vlog is produced and uploaded to TrilbyTV by the Year 6 students. The vlog plays on the screens around the school and is also shared to parents via social media. The pupils are involved in the whole process of making the video, each week taking turns to present the news, weather, sports and other school interest stories. The scripting process really reinforces literacy skills while presenting helps build the pupils social skills and self-confidence.

Watch the latest Layton Vlog here.

New Bridge School are new to TrilbyTV but are starting their journey in a really positive way. Getting students involved in the process of working out what goes on the screens around the school will make sure they will be looking at the content when it goes live. The dedicated TrilbyTV team of 5 are already making decisions about content and starting to work on their first few videos and slideshows. The students understand what other students will want to see and they are also taking on board the views of the Student Council. What better way than video and images to show the voice of the students.

Read more about New Bridge Learning Centre and their TrilbyTV developments.

Thank you, Layton and New Bridge for your inspiring approach to student voice, it just goes to show TrilbyTV users are a creative bunch!

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