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An Instagram feed showing some of the TrilbyTV team enjoying lunch on a digital signage screen

We are very excited to announce that our new Instagram feed feature has arrived and is now available for all TrilbyTV users.

This fantastic new addition means that your Instagram feed now works on TrilbyTV just like our popular Twitter feed feature. Images and video from your Instagram account are downloaded and displayed beautifully on your digital signage screens. TrilbyTV’s slick animation, really brings your posts to life and supports multiple image posts and video. It’s the perfect way to create even more impact on signage screens, amplifying your schools brand. TrilbyTV Instagram feeds support both personal and business accounts.

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Keep content fresh

We know how busy our customers can be, it’s exactly why we created our easy to use digital signage solution. Keeping on top of content can sometimes be difficult but our new Instagram feature makes sure that your screens stay fresh, with little effort. Once connected your Instagram posts will show on your TrilbyTV screens with no further action required – you just need to make sure that you keep your Instagram feed up to date!

Instagram Specific Options

There are some feature specific options that you can set while adding your Instagram content. You can select how many posts to show, the default is three. How long posts and image/videos will be shown for, and whether to show videos in full.

Instagram feeds will appear as content in your TrilbyTV Content feed to be added to playlists, categories and embedded players as well as set to show on any screen.

A TrilbyTV team meeting being shown on a digital signage screen via Instagram Feeds

Update players now for Instagram support

You will need to be using TrilbyTV Player v4.6 or later in order to view your Instagram posts. Mostly TrilbyTV Players will update themselves either overnight or after a couple of days. You can check your Player version number on your Player Dashboard and of course the team is here to help if you need assistance with updating.

Embrace Video

You need to stand out from the rest and gain your audience’s attention, adding rich engaging content will certainly do this for you. As technology and social media evolves, so does the way that we communicate. Creating video content is becoming the norm and is the perfect way to interact with your community. It’s good to remember that this content will be on signage screens, so make it short and snappy so that students passing a screen in the corridor can glance, become engaged and more importantly get the message that you are trying to get across. If you are using audio remember to add subtitles so your content works well on screens with the sound off.

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Consistency & staying on brand

Whether it’s just for your Instagram feed or featuring on a digital signage screen, remember that your social media account represents your school. It’s all about consistency and looking good – no blurry photos, dodgy angles and pointless posts. It’s always good to have a solid plan around adding quality rich content to your social media.

For help and information on setting up Instagram feeds on TrilbyTV, head over to our support page here.
If you’d like to see your Instagram feeds and other fantastic content create an impact amongst your community, then explore what TrilbyTV has to offer through a free demo session with TrilbyTV Director Neil Emery, just click here to book!

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