Rocking the reception screen

Rocking the reception screen TrilbyTV

It’s almost time to go back to school, a time where making a strong impression really counts. Your screen in reception is a fantastic way to showcase why you’re the best. But how do you do that? A screen is just a screen, it’s not hardware alone that makes your visitors, pupils or staff stop and take notice. Of course, it’s the content on the screen that really brings it to life. But what is the right content to use and how can it be made? Here at TrilbyTV, we like to think we know a thing or two about education-focused digital signage so here’s a few ideas from us.

The Reception Screen

Rocking the reception screen TrilbyTV

Before you start adding content to your screen in reception it’s a good idea to think about who will be looking at it and for how long. Then think about the purpose of the content you will be showing in regards to location and audience. If it’s just a nice to have scenario then does your screen deserve to be there at all? Your screen in reception really should be about impact. What information do you want your visitors to gain when they visit and what emotions do you want them to go through?

Vision Video

Impact, impact and more impact! That’s what a vision video should deliver to your audience.

It’s your own TV advert and is as important as your website and social media channels. It shouts out why you are different and why you do the amazing things you do! It evidences the impact you have on the next generation and how you have built an exciting and engaging community for learning. Having this as text on your website is ok but video brings it to life for everyone to truly enjoy. Here are a few nice examples from the world of business and education to give you some inspiration and remember all you need is a camera phone and some good ideas.

Rocking the reception screen TrilbyTV Rocking the reception screen TrilbyTV Rocking the reception screen TrilbyTV


If your school has been highlighted for its quality of teaching and learning then you should be shouting about it. If you are rated Outstanding by Ofsted then let’s make sure everyone knows by adding the logo. You also might be involved in other cool programmes such as being an Apple Distinguished School or named as an EdTech 50 School. Having your achievements shared on your screen in the reception is a great way to promote the quality of your school and it sends the right message to your community. Just remember to upload good quality file versions of the logos so they look nice on your screen. Our designer Charlie suggests you make full use of the screen but allow the logo some space from the edges as it is more legible and pleasing on the eye.

Rocking the reception screen TrilbyTV


It’s not just your school you are proud of, but those organisations and companies that you work with. Maybe you are partnered with a national dance school or a professional football club. Or maybe you are part of a teaching alliance or multi-academy trust. Of course, you are amazing on your own but with others, you are even stronger. Having these partnerships promoted on your screen in the reception represents how you have built a strong community inside and out and shows parents what a diverse learning environment you provide. Again, just remember to upload good quality file versions of the logos so they look nice on your screen.


Rocking the reception screen TrilbyTV

Parent and pupil quotes

Who best to say good things about your school than your stakeholders. Simply ask your pupils, parents and teachers what they love about your school and then add in big bold statements to your screen in the reception.

Rocking the reception screen TrilbyTV

iPad or web apps such as Adobe Spark Post are fantastic for creating beautiful looking graphics very easily. As well as text-based quotes you could also create video messages. Seeing themselves as part of your success and promotion will make your stakeholders feel proud of being associated with your school so it’s a win-win all round 🙂

Social Media Channels

A great reason to use social media channels such as Twitter is it’s a really time-efficient way of keeping your reception screen up to date and relevant. Once your twitter handle has been added simply tweet and your screen will be updated automatically. Because you are limited to 280 characters and 4 images it means your posts are on message and easier to digest by those viewing.

Rocking the reception screen TrilbyTV

Evidence of the learning

Of course, you are extremely proud of your schools learning environment so this needs to be showcased. More than ever schools are full of technology that allows for the capture of daily learning. Tablets such as iPads have fantastic cameras built-in, meaning evidence can be captured and shared to the screen in reception almost instantly. And of course, your pupils will be very proud they are being showcased on the screen in reception. We’ve even heard of parents coming into TrilbyTV schools because their children went home and told them they were on TV 😃

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