Signage at St Anthony’s and Under the Hat

Images from St. Anthony’s Primary School showcasing their Digital Signage.On one of the rare hot days in September, we headed down to St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in Kingshurst, Birmingham to check out their digital signage. Walking through the playground, we admired their awesome converted library bus in front of a backdrop of deep, blue sky.

Armed with TrilbyTV’s digital signage software, the school boasts four screens and when we walked into the reception we were immediately welcomed by a showcase of biblical messages along with the schools ethos.

St. Anthony’s Primary School library bus

We then received a second welcome from the school Office Manager Jane Martin. After a short catch up, she showed us around the school highlighting their other screens. It was great to see the flexibility of what was being shown, from extracurricular activities to student’s artwork.

Images from St. Anthony’s Primary School showcasing their Digital Signage.

When we were heading out, Neil noticed that the iPod powering the screen needed a software update. So while he happily helped out with this, we took the opportunity to ask Jane our “Under the Hat” questions.

Images from St. Anthony’s Primary School showcasing their Digital Signage.

What is your role in your current setting?

“Office Manager at a Primary School.”

What’s the best thing about your job?

“Working with the children.”

Why is sharing and showcasing digital content important to you?

“It tells everyone what a good deal the children get here and the access to the curriculum and extracurricular [activities] that they get to participate in. That’s what we put on the screens.”

Why TrilbyTV?

“It’s the only [educational friendly] one that I’ve heard of. It’s very easy to use and the support is so very professional.”

What’s been your TrilbyTV eureka moment?

“When I learnt how to use it properly and people started to comment on it when they were visiting.”

What’s your future plans for growing your school’s digital signage?

“We’ll be getting a screen up and working in the staff room and prioritising getting fresh content on there.”

What idea or resource are you leaving in the hat?

“Keep your content regular and up to date. Downloading the old stuff that you may not have saved and putting it somewhere else to keep the screens fresh. We have folders and a weekly process for saving and backing up the content that we use.”

St. Anthony’s Primary School Jane Martin and TrilbyTV's Neil Emery

It’s great to hear how digital signage is working for St Anthony’s and how TrilbyTV’s platform is being used to the max! Don’t forget you can sign up for a free trial here. 😎

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