#SaferInternetDay slides have hit the Content Catalogue!

A picture of a slide asking children to "make a difference", part of safer internet day TrilbyTV is proud to be supporting #SaferInternetDay again this year. The event, run by the UK Safer Internet Centre, will be taking place at a time when the awareness of online dangers are needed more than ever before. The event comes when remote learning via the internet is the only way of schooling many children across the UK. Being online more can increase the risk of exposure to online dangers if guidance is missed.

The global theme is ‘together for a better internet’ and this year the UK event will be focusing on how young people can tell fact from fiction, while working together to create an internet we trust. The UK Safer Internet Centre has put together a wide range of resources for those working with children and young people. Tailored to each age group, the educational resources include lesson plans, assemblies, posters, films, and other quick activities to help young people aged 3-18 learn about online safety issues.


Will Gardner OBE, Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre, says:

“We want all schools, youth groups and education settings to be part of the world’s biggest campaign to make the internet a safer and happier place. To help them to do so, as official coordinators here in the UK, our team of teachers and youth workers have created these easy-to-use, practical and engaging resources so that all children can explore what information is reliable online.”

Top Tips for children and young people

It’s a campaign that the TrilbyTV team feel is imperative to help keep children safe online, so we have added Safer Internet Day’s Top Tips slides to our Content Catalogue. These tips are a great way to ensure that parents and carers are supporting their children and giving them the tools to stay safe and positive online.

From today, all of our education customers can add these slides to their screens in school or share them remotely via our Public Links feature. Our Content Catalogue works as if you had added the content yourself. You can add or remove slides, edit times and dates, as well as add your information to the mix.

A "too good to be true" slide from safer internet day to add to your digital signage

Adding Safer Internet Day’s Top Tips

If you are logged in to TrilbyTV, then click here to add the slides to your digital signage. It’s only one simple tap to get their great content onto your feed so it starts playing on your screens.

Everyone has their part to play in making the internet a better place, including you! For more information, guidance and resources on Safer Internet Day click here

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