Universal American School – community and ownership

A picture of school buses lined up in front of the Universal School in Dubai, presented on a digital signage screenWe were really proud when the Universal American School based in Dubai, joined the TrilbyTV community. The not-for-profit school has a mission ‘To Nurture a Community of Integrity and Academic Excellence’, helping students to become compassionate, confident learners who know who they are and what they stand for. On UAS joining, TrilbyTV Director Neil Emery said.

“It’s fantastic, not only to have another international school using TrilbyTV but one that is a recognised and respected global brand.”

The Universal School of Dubai, pictured on a digital signage screen

The Universal American School’s IT Manager, Mobeen Anwar had approached our friends at JTRS about finding a suitable digital signage system. JTRS didn’t hesitate to recommend TrilbyTV, as it’s so easy to use and specifically made for education.

“TrilbyTV is JTRS’s educational digital signage platform of choice, and for good reason. The platform offers a simple, clean interface, with a clear focus on education. This provides our customers with a reliable solution and the confidence content will be up to date, relevant and managed with minimal input from IT. TrilbyTV gives students and staff ownership of the content, creating a sense of community and that’s why TrilbyTV is the only digital signage platform JTRS partners with!”

A picture of Universal School of Dubai's IT Manager Mobeen Anwar, shaking hands with JTRS Account Manager Jamie Taylor

We caught up with Mobeen, along with Jamie Taylor from JTRS to find out how the school has been finding TrilbyTV so far.

“Our main focus has been to engage audiences, showcasing our student’s work and the events that are happening. These are tailored depending on which screen – if it’s in the reception area then we’re showcasing more of our student’s work, if it’s in a hallway, then it’s the staff leaders giving announcements. So we’re sharing a wide range of content depending on where the screen is located,” said Mobeen.

A picture of Universal School of Dubai's Playground 2, presented on a screen using TrilbyTV

The Universal American School has also started to identify key members of staff to take ownership of the content, as he confirmed.

“The library was the first to say, we’d like to have a screen because we want to showcase books and other events that are happening. Then different divisions in the school started requesting screens so that they could showcase whatever is happening on our site for parents to see what’s going on when they come in. Since then many heads of departments have asked for screens, so this year we’ve added six more!”

A picture of students at a presentation on a digital signage screen

Mobeen also told us that the content is still able to be moderated, without needing to be micromanaged too.

“We’re working to get things funnelled through one person, where everything gets checked and make sure that whatever is going out is relevant. Our social media coordinator can take control over moderating the content, deciding what is shown, depending on the quality of the content.”

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The reaction from students at the Universal American School has been fantastic since having the screens installed, which has made Mobeen exceptionally happy with the solution.

“They’ve loved it and that’s why I think people have started making a lot more content after seeing how engaged the students have been. They enjoy looking at their content being displayed across the school.  On the other side, we’ve started promoting our brands within the same group, so these go on to the screens as well. It’s marketing, in terms of corporate and educational, as well as students’ work and events, so I think we’re utilising TrilbyTV nicely.”

The school has also been using TrilbyTV to share vital information on different health issues. The Universal American School’s resident doctor recently made a video, which is a fantastic example of ownership, giving her a voice and with a medium that everyone relates to – here’s a clip!

The screens have created such an impact that members of staff now come to Mobeen when they notice that a screen is switched off.

“Principals come to us and say, this screen isn’t working can someone look at it please? Last year, even the director would just call me up to say that there are a couple of screens switched off, can you find out what’s going on? So, people are really seeing value.”

Jamie affirmed, “It’s a good sign if people are calling you up because they’re obviously concerned about the digital signage and are enjoying the content that has been put on the screens.”

A picture of school children at the Universal School of Dubai on a screen using TrilbyTV software

Mobeen also shared some potential plans to expand the digital signage within the school.

“We’ve had a request from our director to find smaller 10-inch screens and see if we can put those in classrooms and then have teacher’s display what’s been going on in the classrooms.”

It’s great to see how well the Universal American School are getting on with TrilbyTV and how it’s making such an impact. As a team they have recognised the importance that sharing and showcasing has on the whole school. A big thank you to Mobeen and Jamie for taking the time to talk to us.

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