QR codes in TrilbyTV 3.3.1

Today we are releasing an update to TrilbyTV for iPad which aims to make the sign up process for new users even easier.

As part of our sign up process and to help keep your content private, we require users to enter a TrilbyTV code when they first sign up. This often means a teacher has to write it on a whiteboard, or make a document to print out. A few months ago we quietly added Sign Up Posters to our Admin Dashboard allowing you to print out a poster that you can hang in your classrooms to give students the signup code. These posters also included a QR code which could be scanned via any QR code app to open our web-based signup page.

TrilbyTV Poster

However that’s a bit messy so since we had the ability to sign up in our iPad app, we figured it made sense to add QR code support there too! If you have TrilbyTV v3.3.1 installed on your iPad, when you tap Sign Up on the launch screen, you’ll now see a QR button where you would enter your TrilbyTV code. Now you can simply point your iPad camera at your poster and it will fill the code in for you! Much easier and quicker than before.

You can find your Sign Up poster by logging into your TrilbyTV as an admin user, opening the Admin Dashboard, clicking Users and then clicking the link at the top.

We know lots of schools are already using QR codes in the classroom and we hope our new Sign Up Posters will make them even more useful to our customers.

TrilbyTV Promo Video

Scan this to watch our Promo Video

Don’t forget that you can also get QR codes for any Public videos you may have. If you have turned on Public Access and Links for a video, the Public Page has a QR code for that link. Clicking on the code will open a large version that you can save and put on your own posters, or perhaps in a School Newsletter to let parents access their students videos.

Update TrilbyTV for iPad now and Happy Scanning!

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