Leicester Grammar School – keeping content fresh with ease

A picture of a digital signage screen at Leicester Grammar School showing their twitter feed in front of the libraryWe’ve seen an influx of independent schools joining our community over the past few years making TrilbyTV one of the most widely used digital signage solutions by independent schools in the UK. It’s fantastic to be having more and more schools switch on their signage and for many of our customers, the journey started years ago, of those is Leicester Grammar School. Situated in Great Glen, Leicestershire and founded in 1981, they joined TrilbyTV three years ago, after meeting us at the BETT Show. Since then, they’ve really utilised our Unlimited Screen License, with a total of 9 screens sharing and showcasing content throughout the school.

A picture of a screen saying no more notices on a post in note

We caught up with IT Manager, James Hickens and Head of Marketing, Natalie Hunt about the schools digital signage journey so far and the impact that the screens have on staff, students and visitors.

“We had some laptops with a lot of screens floating around but the majority of them weren’t turned on or being utilised for anything.” James told us via a Google Meet, he continued,

“The screen in the main reception at the time was a PC, hidden away behind the wall with a PowerPoint presentation on it. When we discovered TrilbyTV at BETT, it just seemed to be perfect for us as we wanted something that was low maintenance, easy to use and would allow us to get some fresh content on the screens quickly without having to invest in a lot of expensive hardware.”

A picture of the Team and TrilbyTV chatting to the team at Leicester Grammar School chatting over Google meets

What really surprised James was how simple the setup was,

“The installation was really simple, we also only had to spend a few pounds on FireSticks too. We just plugged them in and the screens quickly came alive with fresh new content. TrilbyTV is also really easy to manage, the Twitter Feed feature is perfect for letting screens stay fresh and up to date. It’s great to see the screens alive again and switched on with information that’s moving, bright and colourful. It makes a massive difference.”

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Natalie added,

“We used to have a load of blank screens around the place which was one of my pet hates and the previous content was so boring that no one ever looked at the screens so they might as well have been blank! Prior to TrilbyTV some teachers would be advertising events on A4 sheets of paper tacked to the wall and it wouldn’t get noticed at all. Now the on screen information gets noticed, it declutters the walls and with the auto delete feature, stops showing automatically when no longer needed.”

A picture of a digital signage screen at Leicester Grammar School in the hallway, showing the year 8 timetable

Another thing that Natalie particularly noticed was the impact that the screens have on staff, students and visitors to the school,

“I think definitely the introduction of TrilbyTV has made a big difference. More and more teachers want to get their content up on the screens and it really does attract the students’ attention. I think one of my favourite things is when pupils spot something about themselves: a photo or a tweet, or an announcement about a competition that they’ve won – it’s amazing to see their little faces light up. Also visitors when they come in always look at the screen in the foyer before they look at anything else and it keeps them entertained while they’re waiting.”

A screen in a school hallway showing Leicester Grammar School's Twitter feed via TrilbyTV

Summing up James said,

“Even with so little time to put into it, we still manage to get fresh content on the screens which is perfect!”

A big thank you to James and Natalie for chatting to us. It’s great to hear how TrilbyTV has made an impact and managed to help you keep your screens fresh with so much ease.

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