Webinar: A digital signage journey with RGS Worcester

A picture of Emma Faulkner being interviewed by a camera crew in front of a digital signage screen

Thursday, 26th May – 10am

Following our video release exploring how ownership of digital signage is being distributed effectively among key stakeholders at RGS Worcester, we’ll be running a webinar focusing on their digital signage journey!

When John Jones took up his new position as Director of Innovation at RGS he was already well aware of the impact digital signage can have. After discovering that the current solution in place was not being used effectively, he looked at ways to enhance the school’s sharing and showcasing potential.

A leading example of whole school communication

Hosted by TrilbyTV Director, Neil Emery, the event will focus on RGS Worcester’s journey to becoming a leading example of whole school communication, discussing how easy-to-use software moved the micromanagement away from the IT department. The webinar will also look at how giving ownership to many stakeholders grew a few unused screens into a hive of communication. From hardware decisions to getting the support and buy-in from staff, covering the ups as well as the downs.

“It’s simple to use. I’ve not met a single person yet who can’t use it, and I think the pricing structure is fantastic as well. So chuck all these things together and it’s a win for everybody. The only communication I get is, can I get involved?”

John Jones, – RGS Worcester Family of Schools

A picture of John Jones, Director of Digital Innovation at RGS Worcester, chatting to TrilbyTV director Ben Stanley, in front of a digital signage screen

Support growing whole school communication

John and Neil will be joined by an exciting panel of experienced digital educators, discussing the importance of growing whole school communication and what needs to be in place to support it.

Special Guests

Emma Faulkner, Head of Computing and Digital Learning – RGS Worcester Schools
Matt Warne, Head of Computing and Digital Learning – RGS The Grange
Adam Morgan, Digital Learning Coordinator – RGS The Grange

A picture of a member of staff in the staffroom by a digital signage screen

This webinar is for those looking to plan and implement a digital signage project or those who currently feel they are not gaining impact from their current setup.

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