Twitter Feed Filter Feature – Using Hashtags

Twitter feed filter being used on a screen at Bristol Grammar School showing Superman cupcakesWe love hearing how customers are using our Twitter Feed feature on their signage and this new Twitter feed hashtag filter was a popular request.

Our Twitter feed filter shares the latest tweets full screen onto your digital signage screen. Image and text beautifully animate on to the screen to provide an engaging display. We auto-update Twitter Feeds which means that your digital signage also stays up to date as you tweet. Hashtags are a great way to filter this content when displayed on your signage screens.

Filtered Twitter feeds on signage

In this update to the Twitter feed filter, you can now specify a hashtag to filter your chosen Twitter account. So if you tweet as a whole school under one account you can now add a #hashtag to filter by year group or topic.

If you have a screen in the Key Stage 1 shared area, set that to show @SchoolName #KS1. While along the corridor in Key Stage 2 those screens can show @SchoolName #KS2. In secondary, you may have @SchoolName #humanities or @SchoolName #PE to display relevant content in those areas.

An example of TrilbyTV's Twitter feed hashtag filter to use in your digital signage

How to use our Twitter feed filter.

Log in to TrilbyTV, tap + then choose Twitter Feed.

Type in your Twitter username and then add the hashtag to filter by.

We will do a quick check to make sure some tweets match your Twitter feed filter and if all is good the feed is added. Hashtag filtering only works on the text you tweet directly. It won’t include mentions of that hashtag in anyone else’s tweets or things you retweet.

Remember to tag and approve your content and optionally set start and end dates before you click save.

If putting your Twitter feed on your signage is something you would like to do, check out the 30-day free trial of TrilbyTV and give it a go on your screens!

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