An Awesome TrilbyTV Case Study from Jigsaw24

An Awesome TrilbyTV Case Study from Jigsaw24 TrilbyTVAt TrilbyTV we love success stories, especially when our software has served as a crucial solution to a digital signage system. So we were really stoked to see the latest case study produced by our friends at IT reseller Jigsaw24.

Case study on the Royal Hospital School

The study on the Royal Hospital School in Ipswich shows how TrilbyTV has been integral to the success of sharing and showcasing their school-wide iPad deployment, helping them publish a range of content on screens around the school. 

Hamish Mackenzie, Head of Digital Development (and Apple Distinguished Educator)

It’s also fantastic to hear the story behind the Royal Hospital School’s decision to use TrilbyTV curated by Head of Digital Development (and Apple Distinguished Educator) Hamish Mackenzie. Hamish explains how TrilbyTV “transformed [their] school signage system from a read-only message service to a portfolio for students to share their learning experiences on.”

Hamish goes on to say,

“Since embarking on our journey with mobile learning in 2014, we have learnt a lot about the necessary elements required for success in regard to changing the way our teachers teach and our students learn. As a result, we now deliver more personalised learning experiences for our students and allow them to demonstrate their learning and progression in many different ways. Often the output of their learning is visually spectacular or demonstrated in a non-paper format. TrilbyTV allows an institutional content library to be developed, curated and shared with ease.”

Thank you Jigsaw24!

It’s great to be able to work with such an innovative reseller such as Jigsaw24, helping to make a real impact to both the staff and students at the Royal Hospital Schools. We want to say big thank you to Jigsaw24 for being such a fantastic reseller and for taking the time to produce this case study.

To read the full case study, just head over to Jigsaw24’s website here.

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