TrilbyTV 3.1

Today we released another update to TrilbyTV for iPad with some great new features for newcomers.

In App Sign Up

You can now sign up for your own account right within the TrilbyTV app. This makes it even easier to get started with TrilbyTV. Simply tap Sign Up and enter your details when you launch the app.

Personal Accounts

You can now sign up and try out TrilbyTV! Personal accounts are great for light users or people wanting to try out the number one digital signage solution designed for education

Password Resets

Users of TrilbyTV are now able to request a password reset right within the app. If you signed up with an email address, we’ll send you a reset link to get you right back to uploading your content!

Free 30 day trial

Get set up in less than 10 minutes, no card details required.

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