Unable to connect to TrilbyTV or TrilbyTV Player

A newer version of this article can be found at support.trilbytv.co.uk

In some school and business environments, access to the TrilbyTV systems may be blocked or filtered causing issues logging into the TrilbyTV website, or using the TrilbyTV Player app.

If you have such issues, please contact your IT department and ask them to whitelist or unblock access to the TrilbyTV domains listed below, allowing access on ports 443 and 80.

If you must specify a full domain then please use the following, but be aware that these may change and additional domains may be added over time.

  • *.trilbytv.co.uk (this is preferred as new domains may be added in the future)
  • app.trilbytv.co.uk
  • api.trilbytv.co.uk
  • auth.trilbytv.co.uk
  • cdn.trilbytv.co.uk
  • NEW: api-web.trilbytv.co.uk
  • trilbytvmedia.blob.core.windows.net


We use Fabric/Crashlytics for crash reporting and analysis. You can optionally whitelist:
to enable this reporting to us. Blocking this does not impact the use of the apps.

Last Updated: 28 February 2018