Adding Twitter Feeds

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Adding a Twitter feed to your TrilbyTV screens gives you a simple way to keep getting fresh content showing around your school.

Just tap the + menu icon and choose Twitter Feed. Enter your twitter username and click the green Add button.

Once you’ve added your Twitter clip, you will need to approve it, and add it to a category or playlist, before it appears on your screens.

Below is a live Twitter clip from our own Twitter account:

Each tweet is shown for 7 seconds and Tweet feeds will appear as clips in your content feed to be added to playlists, categories and embedded players as well as set to show on any screen. Tweets can take up to 10 minutes to go from tweet to screen.

You can also adjust the colours used in tweets the Foreground Primary Colour is the main body text and the Secondary colour is used for retweets, links, hastags and mentions.

TrilbyTV Player Support

You will need to install TrilbyTV Player v4 or later for AppleTV, Android, Amazon FireTV, iOS or Chrome in order to view your tweets.