Troubleshooting TrilbyTV Player for Amazon Fire TV Stick

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TrilbyTV Player for Amazon Fire TV Stick is designed to work in offline mode when an internet connection has been lost. However, it requires an internet connection to begin playback so that caching of content can begin.

Network Connectivity

If your Amazon Fire TV Stick cannot connect to a wireless network when it powers on, it will be unable to start the TrilbyTV Player app, and you will see a message on the Home screen that shows Network Unavailable.

  • First, check that your wireless network is available by connecting from another device located in the same area as your Fire TV Stick
  • Using the remote, select the Network Diagnostics button and ensure your Fire TV Stick is connected. If not, select your network and join the Fire TV Stick to it. If your Fire TV stick is connected but the Home screen does not load, restart your device from the System menu in settings, or unplug the power from your Fire TV Stick and reconnect it.

For more information on supported wireless networks, see the Amazon help page.

You may also need to allow the device to access TrilbyTV through your network by whitelisting or allowing certain ports.