TrilbyTV v4 Upgrade Guide

This article is no longer being updated as it refers to old, unused versions

On 1st Feb 2018, v4 of TrilbyTV will be released.

After this date, all players running version 3 of our apps will need to update in order to continue to function. Instructions for updating are below for each platform. If you have any questions, please do get in touch. You can start a live chat in the bottom right corner now if you wish.

To find out what version you are running, you can press the Select/OK button on your player’s remote control, or move the mouse or press the space bar on a connected keyboard to bring up the TrilbyTV Player info box.

If the version showing is 4 then you are already updated – well done!


Updating your Apps

Amazon Fire TV stick

If you installed via the Amazon App Store then your apps should automatically update during a restart.

To manually update press the Home button on the remote and scroll through the list of “Your Apps & Games” till you reach TrilbyTV Player. Press the Options button on your remote and choose Update.


If you installed via the Google Play Store then all apps should automatically update. You may find it will do so after turning it off and on again.

If you installed manually then you will need to update manually. You can get the latest APK file from the support page here – we strongly recommend that you install via the Google Play Store to ensure updates are automatically installed in the future.


If your AppleTV has not automatically updated you may find it does so after turning it off and on again.

To manually check for an update, head to the App Store on your AppleTV and scroll across to Purchases. TrilbyTV Player will be in the list, scroll to it and click and you will see the option to update.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS automatically updates all apps on restart. If your Chromebit or Chromebox has not automatically updated you may find it does so after turning it off and on again.

Chrome (on Mac and Windows)

In chrome browser go to chrome://extensions

Set the slider top right to turn on Developer Mode or click the check box

Click Update or Update extensions now.


Press Home and go to the App Store app. Tap Updates and then Update next to the TrilbyTV Player app, if it’s not on the list just pull down on the screen to make the list refresh.


After Installation

Once you have updated your apps, your player should reconnect to your TrilbyTV system and resume playback. If it does not, and you are presented with a Player Code, please follow these instructions to connect your player

Filtering and Firewalls

If you network uses URL filtering or categorisation to permit access to websites, you will need to update your lists to include the following domains:

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