TrilbyTV Chrome OS Kiosk Mode

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If your Chrome device is managed

  1. Go to the Chrome admin panel.
  2. Change your kiosk settings.

If your Chrome device is not managed

Update: As of December 2017, ChromeOS no longer allows you to configure Kiosk Mode unless you have purchased a Chrome Management License.

  1. If you have logged into the Chrome device it will need to be wiped.
  2. At the login screen, press Ctrl + Alt + K and enable the Kiosk mode (this will only work if no one has logged in. If this is the case repeat step 1).
  3. Login into the device with your Google account.
  4. Open the Chrome browser and go to chrome://extensions.
  5. Tick the Developer Mode checkbox.
  6. Click the Manage kiosk applications button.
  7. In the Add kiosk application box enter the ID of the TrilbyTV Player app. eafddklkalakbpdephfekcdhpniommih
  8. Click the œAdd button.
  9. Highlight the TrilbyTV Player app and click the Set to auto-launch button.
  10. Press the Done€ button.
  11. Restart the device.

If kiosk mode is successfully set up TrilbyTV Player should when the device starts. You can now enrol the Player in Player Dashboard and configure your player.