Installing TrilbyTV Player on the Amazon FireTV stick

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You will need:

  • an Amazon FireTV stick
  • an Amazon account
  • a WiFi network
  • a TrilbyTV account
    1. Plug your Amazon FireTV stick into the HDMI port on your TV. You may need to attach the optional USB power cable if your Amazon FireTV stick does not turn on. Install the batteries in your FireTV remote
    2. Follow the Setup instructions for your Amazon FireTV stick. Connect to your Wireless network and login to your Amazon account
    3. Once on the homescreen, scroll to Search and enter ‘TrilbyTV’ then scroll and select the text to search
    4. Select the TrilbyTV Player app and click to install
    5. Press the home button to return to the main screen, scroll to Apps and then select TrilbyTV Player to launch
    6. Take note of the Player Code on screen, and then add this to your Dashboard.
  1. Configure your schedule settings on the Player Dashboard

Once launched for the first time, TrilbyTV Player will auto-launch and start playback when the FireTV turns on.

Wireless Configuration

The Amazon FireTV stick allows you to use your mobile phone as a remote control. You cannot disable this, so we recommend that you put your Amazon FireTV stick on a different SSID to your main network, to avoid malicious use. Alternatively, you can enable Wireless Separation on your wireless network if supported, or configure separate VLANs.

Parental Controls

We recommend you configure Parental Controls in the Settings menu. Enable Parental controls, set a PIN, and then enable ‘Pin Protected Purchases’. For more information, see Amazon’s Help page.

Quiet Mode and Sleep Settings (some settings may not be available depending on your fire stick version)

You should also disable the Screensaver and enable Quiet Mode, to stop any app notifications from appearing.

  1. Scroll Up and Right to the FireTV stick Settings
  2. Go to Display and Sounds
  3. Select Screensaver, then scroll to Start Time and change this to Never
  4. Select HDMI CEC Device Control and turn this to Off
  5. Go Back and under Notifications, turn Do Not Interrupt to On
  6. Press the Back arrow and scroll along to System
  7. Scroll down to Quiet Time and ensure it is On


For more information on Amazon FireTV settings, visit the Amazon Support Page

Issues Accessing the App Store

You may experience issues installing or updating if your internet is being filtered. Please ensure the following URLs are whitelisted on your internet filtering system: