Choosing a TrilbyTV Player device

AppleTV 4th Gen (2015 model onwards)

AppleTV image

The AppleTV with Siri remote makes a great player for TrilbyTV. It connects to your screen via a HDMI cable and requires a single 13 amp socket. The AppleTV can be securely mounted to the back of your screen.

TrilbyTV Player for AppleTV is a free download on the TV App Store, just login, select your categories or playlist and press play. TrilbyTV Player on AppleTV fully supports the Siri remote which can be used to skip through clips during playback (swipe left or right) and also to control playback via the play/pause button.

Asus Chromebit CS10

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The ASUS Chromebit CS10 is a ChromeOS computer on a stick which connects directly to the HDMI port on the side of your screen. It is powered via a small adaptor which requires a regular 13 amp socket. To operate the Chromebit you will need a USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (Logitech K400 works well)

TrilbyTV Player for Chrome is available from the Chrome Web Store and once installed just login, select your categories or playlist and press play. TrilbyTV Player for Chrome has an autostart feature so if the stick looses power for any reason, when it restarts TrilbyTV will begin to play full screen straight away. Configure your Chromebit for Kiosk Mode for zero-touch startup.

Running in Kiosk mode requires a Chrome Management License

Android Device

There are many Android-based devices available that are suitable for running TrilbyTV. Many modern SmartTV’s run on Android and so are suitable for using with TrilbyTV. Sony, iiyama, Sharp and many other brands offer these in a variety of sizes.

Android is also used on many media boxes. Devices like the Minix Media Boxes are fanatic devices to plug into an existing HDTV. There are also many small HDMI android devices that can plug straight into a HDTV.
Download TrilbyTV Player from the Google Play Store to get started. TrilbyTV Player will automatically relaunch after startup for a zero-touch experience.
A list of known supported Android devices is available here however this list is not exhaustive.

Amazon fireTV stick

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The Amazon fireTV stick is a low cost consumer device to allow any TV screen to play back streaming content. It is based on the Android OS and has been specifically designed to display video from platforms like TrilbyTV.

TrilbyTV Player is available to download from the Amazon App Store and once installed will display a TrilbyTV Player Code or gives you the option to login. The TrilbyTV Player app will register itself to auto-start if the stick loses power for any reason.

Apple iPod Touch

Apple’s iPod touch is well suited for TrilbyTV playback being a small light device which can easily be hidden behind a TV screen. You will need to purchase an Apple 5W USB Power Adapter (MD812) and an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter (MD826) which will connect the iPod Touch to a TV screen via HDMI.

TrilbyTV Player for iOS is available from the iOS App Store. Once installed just login, select your categories or playlist and press play. You can skip clips with a swipe on the screen during playback.