Can I embed a video in my VLE?

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Yes. TrilbyTV offers a couple of ways of embedding video in your VLE or website.

Click Edit on a video to view the video details screen. Click the toggle to enable the Public Sharing option and agree that it is OK to share the content item publically. There are three items revealed.

  • Public Link – This is a standalone web page that you can send to anyone to enable them to view that video. It doesn’t require a login, so is ideal for sharing online via Facebook, Twitter, or in an email newsletter.
  • Embed Code – This HTML code can be copied into a page on your VLE and will include the video inline with your content, allowing visitors to the page to view the video right there. This uses an Iframe to embed.
  • Image Link – Some VLE’s or website tools may not allow Iframe embedding of content, so use the Image Link instead. This will place a thumbnail image of your video on the webpage which will link to the Public Link page. This can then be clicked on by visitors to view the video content.