Adding Microsoft PowerPoint to TrilbyTV as a Slideshow

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  1. Open your Powerpoint file
  2. From the File menu choose Export
  3. Select JPEG as the Export File Format
  4. If you have the option to change the size set the slide to 1920 x 1080 (widescreen)
  5. If your slide deck is not in widescreen format you will see some black bars either side of the slides on your TV. We strongly suggested making your original slides widescreen to take advantage of all the screen space.
  6. Click the Export button and after a few moments Powerpoint will have saved a folder of images, one for each slide.
  7. In TrilbyTV tap the + icon and choose Slideshow.
  8. You can drag the whole folder of images in or do it one by one if you need to skip any slides. You can have up to 24 images in a slideshow.
  9. Click the green Add button.
  10. Once added, enter a title and choose the display duration for each slide, you can optionally set an expiry date for the slideshow as well.
  11. Click Add Slideshow and your images will be uploaded, ready for approval and display on your TrilbyTV screens.

You can also add your Powerpoint as a video if you want to keep any transitions or builds, or embed it via Office365.