Adding content to TrilbyTV

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You can upload content to TrilbyTV from any device with a modern web browser using the TrilbyTV web app. The web app is accessed at and has been designed to work on both desktop computers and tablets like iPads.

  1. Create your content and save it. TrilbyTV accepts video in any format as well as images in JPEG or JPG format in slideshows and on title screens.
  2. Visit, login if needed, and then click the ‘+‘ button
  3. Click the Browse button on the screen and then use the file picker to locate the video you just saved. Click OK when you’ve selected it.
  4. Your content will be added. Once done, fill in the title for your video, as well as a short description.
  5. You can also select any categories you wish to assign your video to.


For best results we recommend exporting your video in 480p or 720p resolutions. Images should be sized at 1920×1080 or greater.