Adding a Slideshow

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TrilbyTV offers the ability to create simple slideshows from your photos. Select up to 24 photos for each slideshow and them on your screens.

Creating a Slideshow

    1. Tap the Add icon in the menu bar and select Slideshow
    2. Enter a name for your slideshow
    3. Tap the photo area to add your images. If you’re on an iPad, select images from your Camera Roll. If you’re in a web browser, you can select from anywhere on your computer.
    4. Once your images are added, drag and drop to reorder them.
    5. On iPad, tap Add to start uploading your images.
    6. Adjust the time on each photo is shown for (a short fade in/out is added between images).
    7. Assign any relevant categories to your slideshow

Tap Save when finished to upload your slides and create your slideshow.

Remember to tap Save and to Approve the slideshow before it will begin to display on your screens.