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The TrilbyTV Player Dashboard gives you centralised control and administration of multiple TrilbyTV Players. From one simple web interface you can see all of your TrilbyTV Players and their current status. Player Dashboard gives you full control over playback and configuration as if you were standing at the screen.


  • Control and configure multiple players from one web-based console
  • Connect new Players to your dashboard using a short code
  • At-a-glance player status, Green – OK, Yellow – Potential issue, Red – Offline/Disconnected Screen
  • Import and export settings for quickly changing a screen configuration
  • Easily set up new devices by copying from existing player settings
  • Works with Chrome Browser(Mac/Win/Linux), ChromeOS, iOS and tvOS TrilbyTV Players

TrilbyTV Player Dashboard is available to all TrilbyTV subscribers for £250 p.a with no limits on player or user numbers. Get in touch to add it to your subscription today.

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