Multi-site flexibility with our Unlimited Screen Licence

A picture of the reception desk and a clock above the doorway and a digital signage screen in the background at MPW college in LondonOne of the beauties of TrilbyTV is that it can be used over multiple sites and managed remotely. This can allow schools and institutions not only to broadcast the same message across multiple locations and displays, but gives the flexibility for different sites to use appropriate messaging that is relevant to where the screen is located. This is something that MPW (Mander Portman Woodward) homed in on when deciding on TrilbyTV as their preferred signage solution. The sixth form college was originally founded in 1973 and was set up as an independent college in London. It expanded to three different sites, creating colleges in both Birmingham and Cambridge. They first joined the TrilbyTV community three years ago and now have 11 screens in total.

A notice on a screen at MPW saying "additional student space"

We caught up with Head of Marketing, Jason Fragola to chat about how TrilbyTV is used across the sites and to find out what kind of an impact it has made,

“We have digital signage set up in essentially all three of our colleges.” Jason told me via Zoom, he continued,

“It’s a great internal communication tool and does a very good job for us. There’s also a strong desire amongst the staff to make sure that things are up to date with the latest news on there. You can see the engagement from the pupils which makes us really value TrilbyTV.”

A picture of a digital signage screen showing two students talking outside of the MPW London campus

Flexibility to create individual messaging for different sites

“Each college has quite a unique character and this also goes with their approach to messaging, which is why we love the flexibility of TrilbyTV. With MPW Cambridge’s signage, there’s a more external focus. The screen in their reception area has lots of inspirational case studies showing which fantastic universities our former students have progressed to, which is great to show people who we are inviting into the college. In MPW London we’ve got a screen in reception showing general messages about what’s going on around the college, encouraging students to follow us on social media and participate in events.”

Broadcasting important messaging across all sites

“TrilbyTV is also very useful in getting important messaging across all of the sites. During the COVID pandemic for instance, we were putting out messaging encouraging students to take precautions, keeping the colleges safe and encouraging social distancing. So in that regard, it has been very useful.”

A COVID notice asking students to wear their masks on a TV

From an eco-friendly point of view

“We also want to make sure that we reduce the number of printed posters we have around our colleges. Printing stuff out and sticking it on a wall really should be something of the past when you can take advantage of putting it on to TrilbyTV. It’s more attractive, stays up to date and you can even put an end date on it for when it needs to be taken down which happens automatically. It’s a lot more eye-catching and environmentally friendly.”

Future plans to utilise TrilbyTV to the fullest

“So I think it’s doing a really good job for us but I think we’re only just scratching the surface of what we can do with it. We’re going to be installing more screens in different sections of the colleges. Our main goal is to really make more of TrilbyTV and use this fantastic product to its fullest capacity.”

A student council advert on a screen at a school

WOW, thanks Jason! It’s great to hear how TrilbyTV is being used across multiple sites and taking advantage of our Unlimited screen licence to grow your signage estate without further licence costs.

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