Success at the RGS Worcester Remote Education Panel event

A picture of a trilby hat, cup of tea and laptop showing the RGS Worcester Remote Learning Panel EventTrilbyTV were recently asked by our friends at RGS Worcester to host a Remote Learning Panel event. It came at a time when remote learning is the main resource for schooling the majority of children up and down the country and globally. Schools have had to adapt their curricula and utilise technology to facilitate the continuity of learning during the most challenging of times. RGS Worcester’s aim from this gathering was to build on these successes and offer the opportunity for schools and colleges to hear from experts across the education spectrum who have been involved nationally at the cutting edge of remote education.

Matt Warne and John Jones had been part of a live panel event we hosted back in 2019 at the BETT Education Show and were impressed by our delivery. So our director Neil Emery dusted off the TrilbyTV hat and notebook ready for an exciting hour of education debate.

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It has been a long time since our days as education trainers for Apple but we’ve never forgotten what needs to be in place for technology to succeed in education. The event was very well attended and the panel included familiar faces such as Kelly Edwards who we know well from our days supporting Harlow Colleges 1:1 iPad project.

A picture of TrilbyTV Director, Neil Emery laughing on a laptop screen with a Trilby hat on

Questions focused on the experiences and successes of home learning but also the importance of supporting technology at all levels. A great question to end the session was what would the panel speakers be taking back to the classroom? The panel all voiced how great it was to see such creativity from staff and pupils during home learning and that certainly has to be encouraged and not lost moving forward. As creatives ourselves we would certainly echo that learning style!

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Thank you Matt and John for giving us this wonderful opportunity and congratulations to all teaching staff, pupils and parents for being so amazing during this different and difficult time. If you missed the Remote Learning Panel event then you can watch it below.

As always TrilbyTV are here to help in any way that they can, take a look at how we helped Thomas’s Kensington with their remote learning while using TrilbyTV’s public links feature here!

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