Digital Signage: 5 Things that Your School Should be Doing

A picture of an Eminem, being used on Brentwood School's digital signage.

A familiar story… a screen in the school reception area bought with the idea of using digital signage to showcase students’ work. Although the equipment and software were purchased with the right intentions, it eventually lays dormant gathering dust on the wall. Why? The software that was provided was too complicated, with features that are certainly not user-friendly. There was also the issue of how to get student work on to the screen without involving a load of processes or having the schools IT technician kick-off!

It needn’t be like this and, with the right software in place, digital signage features can be utilised, showcasing what makes your school so great. Here are some ideas to help switch on your digital signage…


1. Use digital signage to promote your school

A picture of St Bartholomew’s Primary Academy, Swindon, Wiltshire and also accredited, Apple Regional Training Centre, showcasing their TrilbyTV digital signage with Headteacher Dan Oakes

You’re probably already doing this on a daily or hourly basis through a service like Twitter. Many schools are allowing staff to actively contribute to the Twitter-sphere and the tweets from these staff make excellent digital signage content. TrilbyTV’s software has a feature that allows you to showcase your Twitter feed. If you are already adding photos and snippets of the day to Twitter, showing that content on screens means they are always fresh and current showing today’s progress.


2. Be up to date using the equipment that you have available

A picture of Bishops Chavasse Primary School's Digital Signage that has Trilby TV digital signage software a Tenax Schools Trust, a Church of England multi-academy trust (MAT), introduced by Joskos Solutions.

A member of staff with an iPad is your roving reporter. The built-in cameras for photo and video mean they can capture media anywhere. Think about how great your signage would look if pictures from the field trip happening today were showing back in school. This adds value and justifies the cost of that expensive trip out. This also lets the whole school see what their friends and colleagues are up to via digital signage and makes a great viewpoint for parents who can see what their children have been up to on their trip.


3. Give students a voice at a low cost

Students are creators. More than ever we all have access to the equipment to capture, record and publish our thoughts, ideas and opinions. Consider tasking some students to gather video from their friends and fellow students around a hot topic of the school. It could be the latest sports team updates, reporting back on a successful project or picking something current from world events. Knowing that the software is in place to get the end-result pushed out through digital signage screens around the school. This will encourage students to perform well and aspire to showcase and the cost of doing this is second to none.


4. Take advantage of features and share EVERYTHING!

An example of TrilbyTV's Twitter signage hashtag filter to use on your digital signage

Video needn’t be a student only focus. School staff when encouraged can also make good use of the many cameras on devices and other equipment that they have access to. How about capturing evidence of best practice and sharing this to a screen in the staffroom. With on-screen rolling examples of outstanding classroom practice, staff are learning every time they grab a drink. Staffroom screens also make a great place to use digital signage to showcase tweets and encourage CPD. As mentioned before, there’s a great feature on TrilbyTV’s software that allows you to showcase your tweets and we even have new optional hashtag filtering.


5. Celebrate success and utilise digital signage software

Hove celebrating success on their digital signage

In its simplest form, digital signage is just that – a sign. The ability for anyone in your school to use the equipment that they have readily available, easily grab an image and add a message on any device. If a student has achieved good work, grab a picture of them looking proud, upload it to the digital signage software and celebrate the “Student of the day”. Take a picture of morning assembly to remind everyone throughout the day of the inspirational message. Word of the day or this weeks’ subject focus also makes great content to show in between the rest of your rich media.

TrilbyTV has plenty of features that can help do all of the above and more. We work with suppliers who can provide you with the equipment that is compatible with the software that we provide. If your screen is off or your digital signage solution is old, slow, clunky and not easy to use, get in touch with us today via for a free 30-day trial.

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