Latest Development: Content Catalogue – coming soon

A picture from the TrilbyTV content catalogue which is our latest software development.

Our latest development for early 2020 has been around a new feature in TrilbyTV which we will be launching later in the spring called Content Catalogue.

We know schools are busy places, there are so many things in the day to get done and juggling priorities is really difficult. Updating the digital signage around the school should absolutely be one of the priorities as it’s the digital front of the school which everyone sees and there’s nothing worse than showing out of date information.

We also know it’s sometimes difficult to make great looking content about everything that is going on in your school. While we would like to see staff and students sharing this role, we wanted to help out a little and that’s where the idea for the Content Catalogue came from.

Back in 2019, we did some testing with a few content items around mental health awareness. These were very popular with lots of downloads happening within hours of us releasing the content. The Content Catalogue brings more organisation, curation and automation to the process of finding and adding content to your screens.

As we work on building up the library of content, we wanted to share once a piece of content. It’s from our partners Childnet, about Safer Internet Day 2020 (11th Feb). Safer Internet Day is about working together for a better internet. The slides raise awareness of the website which has loads of resources for teachers, parents and young people.

Click here to download the slides (Primary & Secondary)

When our Content Catalogue feature is up and running, you’ll be able to browse more great content like these slides. With one easy click to Copy to TrilbyTV, you’ll be able to add these with ease!

Content Catalogue will be released in Spring 2020, keep an eye on our blog and twitter.

The Content Catalogue feature is now live!

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